italian adventures || 2


Today was our first real venture out in Italy. The first thing we did was tour Bonamini -- a local olive tree farm who now distribute over 250,000 bottles of their own olive oil. Our tour guide Sabrina was nice enough to let us sit down and taste some of their different (and award winning) olive oils. Most people think olive oil is bland so this probably sounds unappealing, but I'm telling you, this stuff was PACKED with flavor -- absolutely a m a z i n g . For lunch, we strolled through Verona and spent some time by Lake Garda, and for dinner we ate at ADA's where we were hooked up with extra pizzas and goods that we really didn't need... but ate anyway. These Italians really like to take care of you, especially when it comes to food. Hopefully our long day in Venice tomorrow will help me burn some of these carbs off. But then there's gelato...

Can you tell how jetlagged I am in these photos? And it's 1am here so I should probably hit the hay.
More to come tomorrow! xx
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