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Jamie Fleming / 22 / Chicago native / Hairdresser / Netflix addict

Moved to Nashville in January of 2015 because she fell in love with the city. Although she still loves Chicago, she loves the "southern hospitality" feel Tennessee has and the fact that there's live music everywhere. She plans on living here for the next few years, but sees herself eventually moving back to Chicago, and someday settling in Colorado. She loves the freedom, power, and independence that comes with living on her own, but she's not a fan of grocery shopping or bills. The first week after moving was the roughest because she didn't know anyone and it was hard to adjust without friends or family. Regardless, she has no regrets about moving.

"I wouldn't do anything different. I feel like we did the best we could without knowing what exactly we were doing. Because I was able to make this happen, anything's possible."

Jamie likes that Nashville is close enough to drive to, but not exactly in the city. Being a bit further south, it's a kind of a culture shock; everyone's friendly except when they "point out [her] Chicago accent."

"My favorite parts about living here so far has been back-roading, driving through the mountains, seeing Love Circle, and all the characters I've met."

If she could live her dream, she'd be a country singer living in Nashville with a second home in the country.

Grateful to be this one's roomie.
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