it's officially spring! | shirt diy


happy spring everyone! sorry for the blog hiatus. between midterms, spring break, family in town, and back to school work, i just haven't had the time to post anything. and there wasn't anything interesting to post anyway. but since spring has officially arrived, here's a fun diy for you to try!

i took an OLD limited too shirt that my cousin gave me...years ago...that somehow was still lingering in a box in the basement. i really wanted to do something with it because i loved the wide stripes and it's perfect for the nautical trend right now. 

cut both sleeves off. (measure to your liking)

make a small cut by the neck line. cut around the collar on the front side of the shirt.

flip it over and make a deep, plunging cut on the back side.



next, i sewed gold chains on the back so that the straps wouldn't slide off.
{my mom's hands pictured. she didn't want to take the picture of me sewing}

and viola! finished product. it's difficult trying to take pictures using natural light when it's cloudy all day...
but i'm very satisfied. it's too easy :)

love and light, xo

in lieu of spring break.


sadly, i am not traveling anywhere for spring break. 
so instead, i'm going to post my pictures from winter break...
it was the prettiest place, ever.

leaving chicago. rocky mountains. pacific ocean. arriving in oahu.

pearl harbor.

USS Missouri and USS Arizona bow to bow.


roosevelt's first draft speech after pearl harbor attack.

the 1,177 that went down with the USS Arizona. they're still in the ship today.

USS Missouri.

the oil that's been leaking every day for the past 70 years.

waikiki beach.

peak of diamond head crater.

city of honolulu.

germaine's luau.

last day on waikiki, headed to the big island.

safari helicopter ride to see flowing lava.

obama's air force 2 (we got in trouble for pictures)

lava rock is comfy.

hanauma bay.

i had too many fish pictures too post them all.

christmas day in hawaii :)

black sand beach.

this is my brother.

sea turtles!!!!

sea turtles? i met one..and he was 150 years old.

see ya later dude.

zip-lining in the rain forest.

mmm sugar cane.

400ft drop. 3000ft line.

mauna kea.

the observatory.

sweet home chicago.

this post took me several hours to put together, so i hope everyone enjoys it!
does this make you want to visit hawaii?
i know i'd love to go back!

love and light, xo
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