it's officially spring! | shirt diy


happy spring everyone! sorry for the blog hiatus. between midterms, spring break, family in town, and back to school work, i just haven't had the time to post anything. and there wasn't anything interesting to post anyway. but since spring has officially arrived, here's a fun diy for you to try!

i took an OLD limited too shirt that my cousin gave me...years ago...that somehow was still lingering in a box in the basement. i really wanted to do something with it because i loved the wide stripes and it's perfect for the nautical trend right now. 

cut both sleeves off. (measure to your liking)

make a small cut by the neck line. cut around the collar on the front side of the shirt.

flip it over and make a deep, plunging cut on the back side.



next, i sewed gold chains on the back so that the straps wouldn't slide off.
{my mom's hands pictured. she didn't want to take the picture of me sewing}

and viola! finished product. it's difficult trying to take pictures using natural light when it's cloudy all day...
but i'm very satisfied. it's too easy :)

love and light, xo
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