The better part of today was spent sitting here trying to clean up the blog - but I'm done. And she looks GOOD. Screw my to-do list. This was totally worth the hours (and hours) of work. Time to celebrate with a cold beverage... maybe even some ice cream... I'm going all out y'all. ENJOY THE BEAUTY THAT IS ALLAS.

*photo taken in Kapolei, Hawaii.

nashville || june


Well, my camera died the second I attempted to turn it on -- apologies for the poor quality pictures from my dumb phone. Had my camera worked, there would be a lot more to share.

Last weekend I went back to Nashville to scope out my new school *fingers crossed* MTSU. On the way down, we stopped in Kentucky and went on a 2 hour tour through Mammoth Cave. Although it wasn't my first visit, this time had the most impact on me. The caves are truly astounding and I highly recommend them. After all, they are the world's longest known cave system. Yea, you read that right. The world. So that's pretty cool.

After checking into our hotel in Murfreesboro, we got to check out Mayday Brewery, which was a great vibe with live music (big surprise) and a cookout complete with a bags competition going on outside. Their motto: "We try hard not to suck." ...they don't. When dinner rolled around we headed downtown and ate at a brew pub called Bosco's. Their beer selection was fantastic. Their food was fantastic. Our service was fantastic. 10/10 would recommend.
But really, we loved our waitress + she asked for my dad's autograph for her Beer/Homebrewing for Dummies books because she's an aspiring homebrewer. Shout out to our homegirl Ramona.

The majority of Saturday was spent at MTSU. Absolutely loved the school + met so many awesome people. I was seriously impressed by everything down there. Again, fingers CROSSED. Following the campus tour, we headed back downtown and checked out the CMA fest. Second year in a row I've gone to Nashville during CMA weekend by accident. Not complaining though. We caught a bit of Maggie Rose and that girl can SING. She also has a female drummer which is a huge plus....shoutout to Jubes. Even with so many people in Nash, we managed to get a table out on the patio at Soulshine. We stuck it out during the thunderstorm + spent several hours there watching Colby Dee, Stevens Layne, and Hillbilly Casino do their thing. Always a great time at Soulshine -- forever my favorite place. It's tradition.

And Sunday was pretty much perfect because we went to see the Parthenon and spent some time walking around the park before heading to Taco Mamacita's for lunch. Found a new favorite place to go for Mexican food. SO GOOD. I also made friends with the manager so I gotta go back.

So it's pretty much a done deal that come January, I will be living in Nashville. I found my roommates, ALMOST found an apartment (going hunting in a couple months), and job search has commenced. There is a SLIGHT chance that I could be moving as early as August....which is making my head spin. There's so much going on right now that I can't see straight. But first things first: Nashville: July edition. See you next month Music City!

italy in motion.


Shamelessly posting this video on every social media outlet possible. It's not a high quality video by any means -- crappy camera and crappy editing software -- BUT I spent more time making this than I'm willing to admit, so here's to my many lost hours of sleep. Salute.

Some people say you need to make your own luck in this world
I choose to travel across the world to make my luck
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