my shoe project is complete!


so i got this idea from erika domesek's "p.s.- i made this" DIY book. and can i just say how much i love her... she is a style genius. anyway, this project was about taking an old pair of white keds or canvas shoes and making them look....pretty much like this. took me 3 days.
 here were my keds before the redesign. old, dirty, and burned from a bonfire (the black spot).
they were in desperate need of washing, which i highly recommend because the dirt in the shoes won't allow the spray paint to stick.
i let them air dry in the sun.
stuffed the shoes.
sprayed the base coat.
sprayed the glitter coat.
only colored half of the outer rubber sole gold.
(sorry i couldn't get pictures attaching the brass fasteners and the chain. too frustrating.)
and viola! totally redesigned shoes. they look so much better in person too.
some supplies, erika domesek's book
i love my new shoes!

ps. i've been in such a coldplay mood lately. they're just magical. enjoy.

love and light, xo

love exists.


this morning i was driving home from quinn's at about 6:30am because he had to leave for work. on one side of the sky, the moon was full and bright against a shade of sapphire, while the sun created variations of pink and orange as it was rising on the other.
that's when it hit me.

every one of us has seen the moon multiple times in our lives, as well as sunrises and sunsets, rainbows after the storm, bright autumn colored trees, and snow falling from the sky, creating a winter wonderland. most of these things happen daily. it's nothing we haven't seen before, though we find ourselves marveling at these things all the time. we run outside to gaze at the beauty, we take pictures, and send them to friends saying "did you see the moon tonight?! it was so pretty!" ...or something along those lines.

think about how many times you've done that.

i came to the conclusion that this must mean love exists, even in the people we thought were born heartless. i've never met anyone who couldn't appreciate a good sunset. we see these things all the time and we can still appreciate them for what they are and always have been. every time we run out the door to get a better view of that rainbow, we fall back in love.

it exists in all of us.

on a side note, i'm listening to Strawberry Swing by Coldplay. if you haven't seen the music video, watch it.

love and light, xo

lazy like sunday morning.


today was none other than an extremely lazy sunday. i slept in til 9 with quinn, worked til 2, and came home to quinn waiting anxiously for me to have lunch with.

now i sit here alone writing on this newly made blog of mine, watching my beloved sex and the city. carrie bradshaw, you are an extremely charming young woman. (even though i'm all samantha).

love and light, xo
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