This week I'm floundering. I'm up to my eyeballs in school work, I just started a second job, I'm CONSTANTLY on the internet searching for apartments / jobs / cars / etc. for when I move. Speaking of cars -- yet another headache. The latest issue with my car? I can't fill my gas tank. Figuring out if I should continue to fix the problems or pop for a newer car has my head spinning. The plunge into the real world + all the struggles that come with it is SO real. None of this would be as stressful if I wasn't moving in three months + still had so much to figure out.

I didn't even realize how much anxiety I had until I was sitting in class last night and felt every muscle in my body tense up. I felt like my chest was caving in. I started to cold sweat + shake. I was so worn out that I started nodding off -- which never happens in this particular class since it's a psychology course on Mindfulness, which interests me. This class is such a blessing -- I had tried signing up for it months ago, but registration was closed, AND there was a waiting list. A few days after classes started, I checked availability just for fun and there was one seat open. One. And I snagged it.

For this class, we are required to meditate. And it's helping me to release.

Release the tension.
Release the toxic.
Release the mind.

It's difficult to let go and be fully present in the moment without your thoughts rapidly taking over. The key is to focus on your breath + feel the air enter and leave your body. Nothing else. I've noticed my anxiety spikes every time I attempt this because I feel that I should / need to be doing something else instead of sitting and thinking about breathing. Sounds kinda lame right? But the few times I've been able to accept my anxiety and let those thoughts come and go, an extreme feeling of peace overcomes me and makes it all worth it.

Find what calms you + release.

sevenly || AFSP


Sevenly is an organization that I hold near and dear to my heart. This week is national suicide prevention week, and Sevenly has teamed up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Depression and suicide are topics that mean a lot to me -- having gone through both and only getting through it thanks to the help + kindness of others. You can do a small part by donating through Sevenly + gaining some awesome merch in the process, or going straight to AFSP and directly donating to them.

I ordered this shirt from Sevenly. Together, we're stronger.

Don't have the extra change to donate? No problem. You can make change by spreading love + kindness towards others everyday. Always be aware that everyone is fighting a battle, and a little love goes a long way.
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