meet bonaventure!


hello friends!
today (or tonight...) i'm here to talk about some new talent: bonaventure!
the lead singer is my good friend andy, who currently resides in nashville and i couldn't be more jealous.
anywho, andy and his partner dan just released this short film for bonaventure yesterday.
and can i say i am in love with it. it's almost 7 minutes long and i've watched it at least 5 times...
share with all your friends even if you only slightly love it ;)

ps- for anyone who thinks they might recognize andy from somewhere else
it might be because he's andy albert from holiday parade! (his band before bonaventure)
one of my personal holiday parade favorites:

but some of you may recognize this as one of their most popular:

you're welcome for filling your night with lovely music.

love and light, xo

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