the voice.


has anyone been watching the voice? especially last week's episode!!! there was a girl on the show named juliet simms, who i met and absolutely adore.

here's my friend molly, juliet, and myself.
this was two years ago when she had a band called automatic loveletter. i also saw her play an acoustic show last summer.

if you missed the episode, here it is!

keep an eye out for her, she's on cee lo's team :)

love and light, xo

blog crushes!


with valentine's day just around the corner, i thought i would share my top 3 blog crushes!
elsie larson.
elsie was the first blog i found, and she's inspired me in more ways than she'll ever know. you can find her posting daily on a beautiful mess. she also owns an amazing little vintage shop with her sister emma called red velvet. her blog consists of wonderful DIY projects, tutorials, fashion, photography, and so, so much more. not to mention the delicious recipes that'll sneak up every once in a while. (i need to make it all). she's such an amazing, creative, dedicated person and i truly hope one day i'll find myself stumbling into her little shop and be able to have a conversation with her over tea and cupcakes.

kinsey mhire.
kinsey is as equally amazing as elsie- no surprise that they're friends in real life. her blog is called sincerely, kinsey, and here she posts about, once again, amazing DIY projects, fashion, and photography. she seems to have such a beautiful heart. i am in love with her photography and wish that she could wrap her talent into a little box and FedEx it to me for valentine's day. I plan on one day (in the near-ish future) contacting her for a specific photo shoot. i obviously would love to meet her.

james mccoy.
i'm constantly obsessing over james and her beautiful family, and you can see them here on her blog called bleubird. she has a loving husband named aubrey, a very handsome son named julian, a gorgeous little girl named milla, and the always adorable baby girl, gemma. james has the perfect family, as perfect as any family can get. plain and simple, she is so very lucky, and i am envious. i would love nothing more than to live in her shoes for a day, even with a whirlwind like gemma to take care of. james, if you ever read this and take your family on a trip to chicago, please grace me with your presence.

love and light, xo
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