my shoe project is complete!


so i got this idea from erika domesek's "p.s.- i made this" DIY book. and can i just say how much i love her... she is a style genius. anyway, this project was about taking an old pair of white keds or canvas shoes and making them look....pretty much like this. took me 3 days.
 here were my keds before the redesign. old, dirty, and burned from a bonfire (the black spot).
they were in desperate need of washing, which i highly recommend because the dirt in the shoes won't allow the spray paint to stick.
i let them air dry in the sun.
stuffed the shoes.
sprayed the base coat.
sprayed the glitter coat.
only colored half of the outer rubber sole gold.
(sorry i couldn't get pictures attaching the brass fasteners and the chain. too frustrating.)
and viola! totally redesigned shoes. they look so much better in person too.
some supplies, erika domesek's book
i love my new shoes!

ps. i've been in such a coldplay mood lately. they're just magical. enjoy.

love and light, xo
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