italian adventures || 3


VENICE. Mama mia where do I start?! We caught a train this morning to take us to the sinking city and we walked up and down all it's little nooks and crannies. You could spend a whole day getting lost in the streets there. Technically, the waterways are the streets that flooded years ago -- their fire fighters / police / ambulances / taxis travel by boat. How funny is that? After a delizioso lunch at Da Roberto's, we were talked into a gondola ride which made the experience so much greater. Walking through Venice is like walking through a Hollywood movie set; it doesn't feel real. It's everything you'd picture in a movie + more. Passing through it on a boat was a more enriching view of the architecture and culture. A gondola ride is a must if you ever travel to Venice. Max, our gondolier, was friendly and informative and impressed us with his mad steering skills -- those things are not easy to control, especially when meandering through such narrow passages. As we were leaving, we passed a street performer dressed as a baby and oh. my. god. was he hysterical. He lured me in with his baby charm and when I sat next to him he pinched my leg and I SCREAMED... and fell over. Then a crowd of people circled around so naturally he asked me to kiss his cheek.... aaaaaand turned his head at the last minute. People cheered. I blushed. Kiss an Italian ✓

Before heading home we stopped at the top of Monte Berico and caught gorgeous sunset. The pictures don't do it justice... it was truly jaw-dropping.

I'm still being effected by jetlag, and tomorrow is our earliest wake up call yet. And once again, it's almost 3am. Yikes.

**And for what it's worth: Venice had the BEST Americano I've EVER had. E-V-E-R. Ever.
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