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Today I came home and had a conversation with my dad that lead to him telling me he wanted to go fishing, so I took that idea and ran with it. I have been wanting to go fishing for FOREVER and it was actually beautiful outside for once, so I got out some poles and met up with my friend Kyle. Before leaving I attempted to dig up my own bait... and I only came up with two and a half worms. I inevitably ended up at a tackle shop and got judged hard when I asked for bait... a girl can fish guys. Kyle and I both ended up catching a fish. Just one. Apparently the fishies weren't very hungry today, but it's okay because it was a perfect tranquil evening. After the sun set, a warm breeze came out of no where and it was seriously the best vibe. I fell in love tonight. Lake Sedgewick has a special place in my heart -- I will definitely be making regular visits this summer.

Here's to new hobbies + good vibes these upcoming months.

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