italian adventures || 8


Second day in Rome was spent visiting the Spanish steps and the Pantheon-- which was super impressive. My dad suggested we selfie with the oculus (the opening at the top of the dome, see above) and everyone thought we were crazy Americans. True, obviously. We tossed a few coins in the Trevi fountain and wandered around the Colosseum. My favorite part was sitting outside enjoying a beer across the street from the Colosseum... it was like a scene out of a movie. The accordion player was just a bonus ;) Later we went back to our little part of the city and headed back to Buona for dinner + Christian served us again. My mom offered for him to come stay with us in Chicago and he gave her his email + number... typical mom move. I definitely did not complain though... fingers crossed he takes us up on that offer. (We made plans to meet up with him the next night for drinks but we got back late + didn't have time... bummed).

They serve a beer at Buona called Birradamare Rossa-- a German-inspired red double-malt ale. SO GOOD. I wonder how much it costs to import it...

My birthday is in two months.... cough cough.
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