as you all know, i love supporting causes i believe in.
one of them being sevenly.

sevenly describes themselves as:
"A weekly cause activation platform. Some have even called us a cause crowdfunding platform. Every week (7 days) we partner with a new non-profit organization, we create unique art and limited edition products that we sell exclusively on our website for 7 days. For every product sold, we give that week’s non-profit organization $7. For example, if we sold 1,000 products, Sevenly would donate $7,000."
yesterday morning i purchased a beautifully designed sweatshirt to help support this week's cause.
 *this is the one i purchased.

they also sell children's clothing, prints, and jewelry.
this week, $7 of your purchase will feed a child in the philippines for an entire month.

learn more about the cause here:
learn more about sevenly here:
ps. yes, new blog name. post to come of that soon.
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