life lately.


and by "lately" i mean since february. i know, i need to stay on top of this stuff. as a result, there are a lottt of photos, and a lot of shameless selfies. give me a break...i don't have an instagram.

1. bowling on our two year. i'm wearing this shirt in the majority of these photos. oops.

 2. first time having sushi.

3. costume party. mary kate + ashley.

4. letters from carmo.

5. flowers delivered on valentine's day.

6. cookie cake for quinn.

7. treated to a mani + pedi.

8. life is like this.

9. molly gives really good cards.

10. and gifts. images 11-14.

11. marc jacob's dot




15. fresh flowers in my bedroom.

 16. finally hung my dream catchers.

17. finally got curtains. they let in so much light.

18. words of wisdom from panda express.

19. outfit of the day. whatever day this was.

20. empty thoughts.

21. health kick. banana smoothies.

22. my hair stayed curled for a nano second.

 23. my hair uncurled into awkward waves. i tried.

 24. keeping turtle necks alive.

25. messy room.

26. aaron carter concert outfit. pictures to come; waiting on molly.

 27. shameless selfies. images 28-30.



30. swear by these trio falsies.

 31. most nights.

32. lake geneva with jami + dana.

33. walking on thin ice.

34. figuring out what we want in the most peaceful of places.

 35. girls' night.

36. lazy morning with moll + our pups.

 37. surprises.

 38. "here's to us" flowers.

 39. drive to the windy city.

40. cubs home opener.

 41. spontaneity.

42. happiness.

this portion is dedicated to oliver.

can't believe that i've had him for almost five months. i'm obsessed with him.

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