retail therapy.


these are all of my photos. please don't use them without permission.

these are a few things i've bought/received in the past month or two.
i love everything.

Forever 21: hi-lo chiffon skirt / leather shorts / black peplum skirt / beige pleated skirt / both cream sweaters / gray asymmetrical shirt / gray cross sweater / peach + mint + lavender jeans / fringe tribal cardigan / sheer landscape tee / blue sports bra / 20 denier tights / black booties / + all jewelry.

H&M: beige cardigan / blue jeans / studded handbag

Nordstrom: under armour long sleeve / pink scarf

Victoria's Secret / Pink: mini pink sprays / black strapless bra

Sports Authority: new balance yoga pants

Windsor: skull scarf

Aldo: cognac oxfords

Minnetonka: cognac 3 layer fringe boots

Versace perfume was a gift from quinn.

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