i know, i know. i've already blogged about them.
but i've been listening to them all day and they deserve another shout out.
andy is one of my good friends and i've been following his music for the past 4 years.
him and dan currently reside in nashville and have been working very hard on their music and growing as a band.

you can watch how great they are here:

you can listen to great music (and fall in love with andy's voice) here:

anyway, these guys deserve everything they've gotten. please spread the word.

if you're feeling extra nice today, go like them on facebook.
if you've just fallen in love, go order a copy of their EP....and maybe a shirt.
if you like following people on twitter, go follow them.
if you like them but you're lazy, go check out more of their songs on itunes.

okay i'm done. but seriously, check out more songs on itunes.
maybe if you're lucky i'll ask andy to come back to chicago and play a show with dan.
but not until there's a solid fan base.
so tell your friends ;)

love and light, xo
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