this past weekend, my brother graduated from the smallest college known to man. woo hoo.
but seriously, the entire school only has 700 students.
northland college. ashland wisconsin.
it's a very pretty little town. i got to enjoy it with my family & my best friend molly!

8 hours both ways. it was not fun.
during our time there we visited a place where public enemies was filmed (that means johnny depp was right where i was!!!), went out to a brewery where molly and i ordered beer because it was legal (thank you wisconsin-law-making-people), went shopping in small vintage shops where i bought an embroidered pillow and molly bought a "keep calm and carry on" sign (for a whopping $30), attended drew's graduation in which he received his bachelor's in natural resources and wildlife management, fine-dined on mexican and margaritas, took a ferry to madeline island, went through more small shops, went moped-ing around the island (!!!!!!) where we froze to death, and went home memorial day morning where i took a mini photo shoot of molly reading. couldn't help it. the sun was hitting her hair just right.

love and light, xo
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